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Coping with chronic illness

Coping with Chronic Illness. Theories, Issues and Lived ExperiencesThis valuable book combines psychological theories of health with the lived experience of coping with chronic health conditions, focusing on the "ill person" as an actor of their own development. It draws on perspectives from developmental and health psychology alongside the author’s personal experience of chronic illness.Bonino considers all aspects of living with illness, from issues that impact on everyday functioning su

Nature and Culture in Intimate Partner Violence

Nature and Culture in Intimate Partner Violence. Sex, Love and Equality This innovative book aims to further our understanding of violence in intimate relationships between men and women by combining research from psychology, cultural studies, and biology. The author examines why western culture often justifies and encourages primitive forms of relationships based on domination and submission and considers not only the cultural influences, but also the biological aspects, in their interaction.T

Silvia Bonino